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Noopept shipping world wide also to Europe! Order the best nootropic products from us. Nootropic drugs are also called “Smart Drugs” because, this drug category can have an enhancing memory effect aswell as higher focus and cognition. The bulk of these drugs have proven to improve conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain types of brain traumas. Noopept is one of many such nootropics. It is a recent nootropic that was first patented in Europe’s neighboor Russia 1995. The drug has been shown to have neuro protective qualities through the stimulation of a protein known as Nerve Growth Hormones (NGH) which plays an active role in reducing and even preventing neuronal degeneration in the hippocampus. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is another protein that is stimulated when Noopept is administered, which takes an efficacious role in reinforcing the survival of neurons, strengthening the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses. This nootropic stimulates the AMPA and NMDA receptors and their pathways, both receptors are glutamatergic receptors, which play roles in memory and thought processes.

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By the registered manufactures of Noopept, the substance has been deemed safe in clinical trials.Their drug studies have shown it to be effective and low in toxicity at the advised dosages.There is restricted data to suggest unhealthy overdoses can occur however, it’s a very potent compound and wishes to be handled with care.The likelihood of overdose, no matter if it be life threatening or not, is higher than with the racetam family.Overdose will likely lead to unpleasant side outcomes like complications, irritabaility, etc.Below are some of the common side outcomes of Noopept which are likely to occur at higher dosages.HeadacheInsomniaFatigueNauseaGastrointestinal ProblemsThese side consequences are more likely to vary.One should always talk to a physician before using Noopept, especially after they are using other drugs or dietary supplements.At this time, there are no records of bad drug interactions or side consequences with Noopept although, this does not mean they can not or won’t occur.This was the 1st nootropic that I have tried.I used between 40 to 60mg daily.The first time I used it I notices higher focus within 10 minutes.I could concentrate longer and didn’t become bored with what I was doing as simply.The following few doses still felt the awareness but it wasn’t as great or didn’t last as long.After about 2 weeks the feeling is ready nearly as good and lasts so long as ingesting a cup of coffee.So there is a tolerance build up and a break is required.Everyones body respondes in another way.What works for one may do not anything for another or a cozipmbination may be needed.Nooept for me is anything that i would use for additional focus needed for a test or exam something thats for one or two days use as my body builds a tolerance to it rather easily.I look ahead to stacking nooept and trying other nootropics to see what results there are.Anyone I have asked who is my age in the event that they know what nootropics are, they have all said no.Fifteen years ago my psychiatrist was doing a study i.e.So I got free dosage for 12 months.Now I have controlled to get a prescription from my doctor and my insurance pays for it modafinil.I tend to favor ordering noopept and one of the choline compounds.In courting to this I have read alot in regards to the aging brain and find it alluring.I do have hassle once in a while installing my order using my phone.It works better for me to use a bigger screen.Otherwise, I just like the customer service given at “info@peaknootropics”.I don’t have any doubt asked some dumb questions.However the solutions have always been prompt and respectful.There is a definite folksy good quality in the communique, like one knows it’s not desktop generated.One time interestingly a shipment was late coming in from “Timbuktu”.Because I had to wait longer than the usual time, the product was sent to me and money back of the full price too…for my patience!That was fair!Noopopt was literally a life saver for me.After years of scuffling with depression and anxiousness I was at my wit’s end.A friend recommended noopept and hyperbole aside it changed my life.Not only did it reduce and almost get rid of anxiousness but it removed a great deal of my self loathing.I don’t fake to keep in mind how, only that the results were dazzling for me.I take 30 40 mgs daily, sub lingually.Noopept tastes awful and seems to work in inverse percentage to its taste!No point in looking to mix it as it clumps and only makes the liquid taste like noopept flavoured no matter what.I took for 9 consecutive months before I noticed any tolerance build up, at which point I cycled down and substituted with Aniracetam.I live in Northern Ontario but have never waited longer than 2 weeks for a beginning from PeakNootropics.Thus far, very happy with products and customer provider.Read up on nootropics and at last started out with this…awesome stuff.No need for details as a result of each person is alternative, but, my review is more or less for this site as a complete.Ive tried around other dealers equivalent to Nootrobiolabs and Liftmode simply to compare and I must say they dont even come close to Peaknootropics items.I truly think this place has by FAR the most pure nootropics for sale.Not only the products are good, but, the lightning fast shipping, and the customer carrier is sweet as well.You want nootropics in its best form and at a good price?Trust me, you have got landed in the right place.Been a customer for years and I intend on being one for lots of to return.Thomas I unfolded the package and got out my mg scale scooped out approximately 30mg the 1st thing I observed was how awful this chemical tasted very bitter a lot so that even after consuming a tumbler of apple juice and I still had to grab a trail mix bar to cleanse my taste buds.I observed a slight rise in heart rate and perhaps just a little better focus and awareness but it was so mild that it could have very well been placebo.When I went asleep that night the actual results of this drug personally I had one of the crucial craziest most vivid dreams I have had in a long time and that’s saying anything as a result of I hardly even be aware my dreams unless I concentrate on doing so .I continued this dosage over the process a week studying my lesson with the taste and placing the powder in tablets and periodically upping my dose to as high as 70mg each but to be honest me and my chums I dosed with couldn’t report any profound Nootropics results that we are familiar with with elements like modaflin the most my friend noticed that others have discussed is while drinking this substance does seem to make me feel less drunk.Overall a good seller that provided the product regardless of even if the product was what I anticipated or notOverall 5/5:The “Noopept” was shipped out on April 10th and it made its way to my mailbox and arrived in it on April 16th.So it took 4 business days to get here which is set average 3 5 days very good shipping time for my Domestic orders from Fort Collins, CO USA shipments throughout the country to my mailbox southwestern, Ohio USA.It came in an everyday white envelope with an invoice inside it and incases in that was a silver vacuum sealed and zip locked box with dosage counsel on it and a neat little scooper.Within that kit was a smaller clear zip lock bag the contained the 10 grams of Noopept

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Noopept 0.2mg/kg has been noted to increase spindle like exercise and alpha wave function in all tested brain areas rat data similar to Piracetam 400mg/kg while in the proper cortex and hippocampus a better augment in beta 1 wave function shrink of the delta function was noted with Noopept.While all these effects were abolished with the NMDA antagonist 3 2 carboxypiperazin 4 ylpropyl 1 phosphonic acid CPP for Piracetam, they were attenuated for Noopept at the same awareness of CPP 0.1nM; 1nM was in a position to abolish the results of Noopept and persistent injections of Noopept appeared to be assocaited with elevated beta function spreading to the whole brain in place of localized.Another study assessing comparative potency of Piracetam and Noopept found that, in animals discipline to amnesia via electic shock that more animals skilled cognitive enhancement with Noopept at an oral dose of 10mg/kg 70% with an acute dose, 90% with nine days of dosing than did 200mg/kg Piracetam 53% and 57% respectively.Mechanistically, single doses of noopept at 0.5mg/kg as well as 28 days of persistent dosing at the identical dose noted raises in both NGF and BDNF mRNA concentrations in the rat hippocampus, with a better relative augment in NGF and no obvious tolerance coming up over 28 days.The authors hypothesized that the increase in these elements neurotrophin factors is associated with continual improvement in memory linked to Noopept, as some trials noted greater advancements following continual dosing rats and humans while neurotrophins are known to be linked to long run memory enhancement.0.01mg/kg injections of Noopept for 21 days in rats has failed to augment memory in otherwise fit rats, but looked as if it would repair memory in rats area to a bulbectomy elimination of olfactory bulb.This restorative effect on memory has been noted in rats subject to compression damage research model of concussion, in stroke and cerebral hypoxia, oxidative stress, scopolamine cholinergic toxin injections and with usage of anticholinergics, excitotoxicity via glutamate, prefrontal cortex photothrombosis, and in a bilateral frontal lobectomy.Protective outcomes, as a minimum on oxidative damage, have been noted at concentrations in the nanomolar range 10nM though the IC50 seems higher 1.27mM.In humans, one study investigated 53 individuals with cognitive ailment 37 with vascular cerebral damage and 17 with post stressful damage; 41 finishing the trial at two daily doses of 10mg compared to the active handle of Piracetam 1200mg daily over 56 days noted popular advantage on parameters of vascular cerebral damage and improvement on half of measured parameters of trauma.Fatigue, anxiousness, irritability, apathy, and affective lability were progressed in both groups while extra advantages were noted on mood, sleep, and wakefullness in people with cognitive disorder stemming from vascular damage.Noopept was more beneficial over 56 days in getting better the MMSE score relative to Piracetam, while it was valuable in post trauma sufferers Piracetam was not even though when comparing all scores on MMSE, BPRS, and CCSE there was no colossal difference.When assessing the cytotoxicity of α synuclein upon SH SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, Noopept at a 1:1 ratio or ten fold greater perceived to abolish α synuclein caused cytotoxicity with out per se affecting viability.Cell necrosis as assessed by propidium iodide and Annexin V appeared to be normalized to healthy manage cells under the impact of Noopept, while necrosis was evidenct in α synuclein manage as was associated with less ROS production in cells.An augment in immunostaining of prefibrill proteins, but not to lysozyme amyloid nor S100b, has been noted in vivo in rats injected with 0.01mg/kg Noopept for 21 days.In remoted synaptoneurosomes, Noopept as well as the endogenous peptide cycloprolylglycine seem to modulate neuronal membrane competencies, causing depolarization but and having the ability induce hyperpolarization in a calcium based manner hyperpolarization abolished in calcium free medium; Noopept was more useful than cycloprolylglycine in this regard however the two were competitive rather than additive.The researchers noted this effect may be due to blockading calcium channels noted formerly in snail neurons where 10nM Noopept as well as both Piracetam at 100mM and Vinpocetine at 30mM at inhibiting slow inactivating potassium channels without influencing calcium or fast acting potassium channels and would bring about increased excitatory potential of neurons.However, as Noopept is also linked to coverage towards stroke a mechanism regarding commencing potassium channels a modulatory effect was proposed.

Study drug Noopept took me from a C to a immediately A pupil

that there are people during this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way?My mother as an example is one ofthose people.She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad backfrom riding the truck but you probably do not care about that caseeither.Oh well I am not one of these people I am 6’4″ 245lbs and Iexercise daily.I would love to see you are saying something like to mymother in front of me.Probably never happen though you are probablyjust a web tough guy.I doubt very seriously you could say that to someones face.Just my idea.What do you believe.Oh I am sorry you doubtless do not have a brain.I on theother hand can be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come back here and seeif you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.About me: Male, 19, LSE scholar.I get good grades but my method ishighly useless, I leave everything to last minute and pull anall nighter cram session the day before.I still be able to walk awaywith an A/B in the test but my sleep cycle is normally altering and Ican’t keep doing this.I’ve got some major exam arising and for thesake of my future, I need to get not anything less than ideal, which I know im capable of, if I can find the power to review for more than asingle night.And that’s when I stumbled across nootropics.Of all the‘racetams out there, I was only ready to get my hands on pramiracetam and noopept, I have a fair amount of each, greater than enough to see methrough this exam session + plus some choline bitartrate as well.I eat 3 full meals a day, a lot of protein and carbs + drink a variety of water.I also take a multivitamin and fish oils with my main meal.i dont drink, smoke or use any type of leisure drugs.I gym regularly and takeall in one protein powder whey, creatine, etc.I had measured out about 50mg of Adrafinil.The common dose is 100mg, but I wanted to play it safe and perhaps test for adversarial reactions allergies, etc.About 30 minutes after dosing, I started to feel the onset; I felt maybe a little bit heavier, my eyes were open a little more, I felt as though I was obligated to pay attention to boring things.90 minutes into the adventure, I began feeling what I agree with its full effects.I had an increased awareness of what was occurring around me, I felt very positive about every little thing, and I had almost God like powers to think and focus.I felt a great deal awake.This was a blessing, as a result of I battle with continual fatigue each day and typically sleep more than 12 hours per day.This effect was nothing like an Amphetamine; I was not anxious, my heartbeat was normal, and my appetite was not disrupted.There was also some euphoria behind it, which leads me to believe that this drug has dopaminergic results.It is now six hours after the dose, and I am still feeling the plateau of this drug.

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3 I took piracetam for a few months The consequences are devasteting I feel like I have cement in my head My attention droped dramatically and, what is worst, my memory, which was my precious assett, has big holes My learning capacity plumbered Does anyone understand how to take piracetam clear of my system, some variety of antidot For now I take diet B6 It does diminish the terrible outcomes a little The funny thing is that , when I drink alcohol, initially I am now more resilient I used to get almost drunk from a beer and I really think basically I guess as a result of the high level of sugar induced by alcohol BTW, when I drink Coca Colalike 2 liters sorry, I am from Europe I in fact feel good But the damn thing is still in my head I can in fact feel it I have zones on my brain which are like filled with concrete Anyone knows an antidot To be very clear : I didn’t take piracetam for ten years now, and it continues to be in my head !PLEASE19 If Piracetam is so constructive, why isn’t it more general with the usual public?Is Piracetam restricted to a cult following?Why isn’t the army using it for pilots and particular operations squaddies?There are news thoughts about the approval for Provigil, but not anything about Piracetam.I also haven’t read any articles from mainstream doctors who recommend it as a supplement for healthy adults.There also hasn’t been any up-to-date tips on nootropics for the average public since “Smart Drugs II” was published in 1993.From my 10+ years of private adventure, I have found that time and again Piracetam made me sleepy, and/or I got a severe brain fog.I have tried it at dosages from 800mg up to 4,800mg “attack” dosage per day, both with and with out choline either Alpha GPC, Citicoline, or Phosphdylcholine in dosages from 300mg – 1000mg per day.I have also taken it with Hydregine up to 4.5mg per day, and I have also tried Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiricetam with similar outcome.I have also tried different brands of Piracetam from Nootropil to Primaforce.I also don’t use any recreational drugs, aside from a pitcher of beer or wine a few nights a week, I get 6 8 hours of sleep an evening, and I don’t have any mental polar, melancholy, etc.I have a job where I wish to maintain alertness and clear pondering 8 10 hours a day, so I can’t afford self brought about brain fog.I have always taken nootropics on faith, thinking that they were one way or the other helping me, even though I didn’t notice any results.I’m now starting to think that to ensure that a nootropic to be called valuable, be sure to be capable of notice a favorable result within a reasonably short amount of time none of this “you need to try it for 6 months before you notice a result”.I am also starting to trust that in order to be called an beneficial, a nootropic like Piracetam should never make you’re feeling worse.I was sitting there at some point in a Piracetam brought about fog, pondering to myself that I paid money for this result.24 I was taking Piracetam until a hobbies blood test showed I had higher than normal HCT Hemocrit and Hemoglobin levels.HCT is a percent of the concentration of red blood cells vs.plasma in the blood and a high level may be a hallmark for Polycythemia.Turns out, Piracetam has been shown to stimulate erythropoiesis production of red blood cells in rats.a None of the analysis I had done previously had shown any relationship among erythropoiesis and Piracetam, so I didn’t instantly make a connection.The risks of erythropoiesis stimulating agents, or ESAs are many.Studies show that sufferers with breast or superior cervical cancers who acquire erythropoiesis stimulating agents to regard anemia attributable to chemotherapy died sooner or have more rapid tumor growth than similar patients who don’t get hold of the anemia drugs.They have also been shown to have higher heart risks and will cause harm to those with kidney disorder.Bottom line?Check with your doctor before using this as a supplement!I just got in piracetam the previous day.Tried 3x 800mg the day before today with good effect I didn’t try to do any work, but felt lifting of brain fog as with adderall.I aroused from sleep after a full night’s sleep with the worst brain fog of my life.Tried 800mg this morning, brain fog intensified.Took lecithin, brain fog intensified.Took an alternate 800mg piracetam 4hr after first dose, brain fog even worse.Now at 8 hours since the first dose I can ultimately focus enough to read again.Has anyone skilled these consequences so early on, and gone on to have good effects later?Is Piracetam just not prone to work for me?I’ve got noopept coming in later this week, maybe that will go better.33 Negative Effects: Brain Fog.There’s like something radiating or a mild force inside my head.I may’t appear to think better, I’m hoping it’s just my brain or my stack is not correctly balanced and are looking to find my magic ratio.Foggy or Blurred Eyes.This is a bit caring.After I take this stack, I kinda notice there’s like a thin film cover in some parts of my vision and it’s not mote.I hope if won’t affect my eyesight, though if things don’t enhance along with your help guys or if I can’t find a good ratio among the dietary supplements I’m giving up in this.Mild Stomach Pains?I think here’s just from bad pondering as a result of Piracetam continues to be a new supplement for me.Every thing seems fine though.Still taking a crap everyday and not anything weird about urine.I read that Piracetam can cause bloody diarrhea and some nasty other stuff.34 I have been using piracetam on and stale since april this year, and every time i are becoming brain fog and felt really retarded in the end.So i purchased choline cdp choline and alpha gpc and stacked it, did this all of the summer, it was better but i still became as bright as a cow in the end, i remember once when i was going to mix some EAA in a bottle, i had to think really hard before i did it because i didnt know what to begin with, i knew what i was going to do, but i didnt know where to start.And when i was occurring a trip abroad i had to pack my stuff of course, and again i didnt know where to start or when i was done.So i figured i should try an alternate source of choline and purchased some DMAE and choline citrate, i still get cloudy, and i actually cant afford to be “retarded” now when im studying biology.So each time i see a person saying that piracetam makes them “more concentrated” and so forth, i feel to my self “what can i do to achieve that?” but now i don’t have any clue, i have tried alternative dosages of the choline supps and piracetam, but it doesnt appear to help.I customarily take 4ml of piracetam in the morning with 1 2 cdp choline and/or 1 2 alpha gpc, 1ml of choline citrat, .5ml of dmae, and 1ml bacopa and .5ml ashwagandha.1ml is approx.700mg.I must add that after i begain taking piracetam in july, after a brake for about four weeks, i became encouraged and inventive, just like i got when i attempted it the first time, but eventually it faded away, so i do know what piracetam can bring, but i cant keep the effect, it always disappears.36 So I ordered some piracetam a while back from bioscience neutracueticals, I got the kit on monday, and began taking it on Tuesday.It doesn’t work, and never only does it not work, it in reality gives me brain fog, and makes me tired.I ordered CDP choline and sulbutiamine wasted about $168I’ve varied the doses, taken it without choline, taking 4.6 grams, taken .8 mgs, taken it with fish oil, and every single time, a similar brain fog, a similar effect.Now, i’m not looking to sound like a douchebag, but I’m a comparatively smart kid naturally.I read all the bs anecdotes on here, and even some of the posted studies, and determined to offer it a try.I don’t know if it just has an opposite effect on healthy americans whom have brains already functioning pretty much, or what, but these items just completely sucked for me.Just wanted to share my experience with anyone else who notices this and keeps trying in hopes of some variety of cognitive edge.Things I felt1 Tired2 brain fog3 decreased reading speed, and if I attempted to read at my normal pace, I would gets words jumbled up4 tired5 tired6 brain fogI’m sure that MAYBE presuming it isn’t a placebo effect it works for some people, but if you’re feeling these within the 1st week of taking it, after titrating doses and doing every thing else people put forward, I put forward just throwing it out and calling it a day.37 hi, I’ve been using piracetam for one month now.Always 800mg in the mourning and 800mg in the afternoon.Since last week I’ve added 600mg of choline citrate in the mourning.However since than, I began getting brain fog every now and then.Brain fog is some very very light feeling of force for your head and also a weird feeling of not being in a position to focus well, no clarity.Also, a bit delicate to light.So monday I took my last dose.Now we are wednesday and I’m still experiencing the brain fog… It scares me.I also drank alcohol with the piracetam in the weekends, but not very 8 beers every saturday or soWhat should I do?38 I started taking Piracetam back in November last year for a variety of mental issues I was facing; adding persistent fatigue unrefreshing sleep, ADHD Inattentive type or ‘brain fog’, mild depression, and Aspergers Syndrome maybe.Let me inform you that for the 7 months I was ingesting Piracetam, it modified my life and all of those indicators I suffered from were truly eliminated.I was in a position to hold engaging and assured conversations effortlessly where previously not possible, multitask unbelievably, my concentration, creativity, and short term memory was AMAZING, and my energy and self belief was virtually infinite.This all lasted the best part of 7 months and I was taking 2.4grams/3 or 4 times a day.I was supplementing with CDP choline for the first few months to counteract my preliminary headaches, but stopped after I read and realised that I didn’t need it.I can’t begin to clarify how completely happy it made me feel to be neurotypical or in all probability just a delusional hypomanic loon for the 1st time in my life; I used to cry tears of joy in realising I had at last found anything that can in fact allow me to function in society and feel like a traditional person.And trust me when I say that I have tried nearly every complement under the sun every little thing from 5 HTP to apple cider vinegar and tyrosine, and NOTHING came even near operating like Piracetam did, or for as long.In short, during these past 7 months I felt like Charlie from the book Flowers For Algernon…But, sadly, what goes up must come down… About two months ago Piracetam’s magical abilities stopped operating even though I was maintaining my normal doses and all of the horrible indicators came roaring back – the melancholy, absent mindedness, brain fog, and the lethargy…I used to simply need 6 hours sleep an evening, swallow 2.4 grams of Piracetam in the morning and be crammed with rather a lot energy and life.Now I’m napping up to 12 hours and I feel like crap – I’m so tired, anhedonic, and absent minded… although I’m keeping up doses.Hell, if the rest, Piracetam seems to have the contrary effect at the moment – it makes me more tired and unfocused when I truly do dose.It scares the living shit out of me because I can’t go to a physician and consult with them about this as a result of at the least the 4 or so GPs I’ve spoken to don’t have any idea what the hell the word nootropic even means, let alone the marvelous changes that acetylcholine has had on my brain.41 First off, a little intro to myself.I am 28 years old, 160 lb, very little body fat and quite lean very high metabolism.I am an IT professional infrastructure guy.I am slightly sedintary due to the character of my job, but I do play sports on the weekend and train a couple of times a week.My goal here is to enhance my memory and focus, and decrease melancholy which I’ve struggled with for years.I am also a recuperating addict.So I started taking Piractem on March 14.I purchased a 500 gram tub from a web source SNS from Amazon.I started with an attack does 3x2g for the first couple of days, noticing remarkable or not magical improvements in memory, focus, concentrations, and especially verbal skills.The same day I began taking it, verbal communication was a lot more fluid, I felt intensely focused on tasks at work, and could recall memories from earlier in the day without hesitation all of these things I customarily fight with.I also tried hashish in conjunction Sativa and noticed some stunning results.Only draw back is that I was lacking sleep for the first few nights and become quite an insomniac, likely consequently of 1,000,000 ideas and alanytical thoughts zooming across my brain.Also note I did not stack Piracetam with a choline source as I have not suffered from any of the dreaded complications encountered by choline imbalance.For in regards to the first 5 days the outcomes remained as I stated earlier.I also began supplementing with 300mg of Alpha GPC on day 3 simply to make sure my choline levels were not fitting depleted.After day 5, I suddenly noticed I become very irritable when I awoke.I was so aggravated by my pet rabbit thumping around in his cage that I shouted and cursed at him with fiery.When I got to work, I noticed my brain was in a “fog“, in that their was little depth to my thoughts, and my verbal fluidity which I had been having fun with was unexpectedly missing I began stumbling over words and hesitating when pondering of a word to use.I also felt rather apothetic and lethargic, and acctually fell asleep at my desk after lunch for roughly 30 min.Regardless, I continued with my regime of Piracetam 2g x 3 per day and 300mg of A GPC for this past week.This pattern of tiredness and irritability and depression has persisted for a number of days without a advancements.The positive consequences that I was feeling the week before have subsided totally, and I am left with these poor side consequences.I am not sure if this is my brain becoming burned out on the Piractem, or mayb e a chemical imbalance that I have unnoticed.I know for sure that I am a positive responder to racetams, but unfrotunately it’s been short lived at this point.Any feedback or input will be a great deal recognize.How do I come again to where I was when I started my regimen?42 I’ve observed some bad outcomes lately, a few of which I’ve encountered before:First of all, there’s a state of sleepiness, that doesn’t appear to be correlated with the quantity of sleep that I get.For example, I got 8 hours sleep last night and still feel as if I can be taking a nap.If I’m motivated or have something appealing to do I snap out of it quickly but in a different way it creeps back on me.There are confounding factors like decreased caffeine intake, but I still feel it’s as a minimum in part caused by piracetam.Secondly, I loose track of time sometimes … I wander away in my thoughts and time passes by with out me noticing.I “awaken” hours later and become aware of I’ve done not anything useful.Is this effect maybe combined with sleepiness what people here call “brain fog”?I’ve also notice tightness in the muscular tissues surrounding the eyes, especially an hour or two after administration, when the consequences peak.This isn’t really bad but it does make your eyes look more “alive”, as if you’re watching every little thing with great attention and concentration.46 Now, after a year of piracetam supplementation at 2400mg twice a day morning and evening, getting off for 6 months and getting on again,I figured out that it causes a familiar slowness and brain fog to a definite lower degree, WITH OR WITHOUT choline tried CDP choline, alpha GPC and ALCAR.These days I often find myself in the basement / fridge, having not a clue what I’m searching for + I was at a quiz currently and had to think WAY too hard.I’m just about done with piracetam on account of these findings.I did like the optimistic effects of piracetam a lot, but there’s definitely something going on with brain fog / short term memory in addition.It’s as if my brain sometimes gets “lost”.47 My piracetam arrived just a short while ago, so I took 600mg at midday friday, 1200mg half an hour later.Saturday I took 1200 mg at about 2pm.I took no dose at sunday due to concern about side consequences.The effects I noticed in chronological order where that: friday night my orgasm was weaker than usual, less cum.I had an surprisingly wonderful dream that night.Morning after, same thing weak almost dry orgasm.Later in the night I observed that a muscle was contracting wildly, anything in my wrist was jerking abruptly.After about half a minute it disappeared.The it came back and disappeared a few times.That night, same sexual challenge.Dreams were normal.Next sunday morning same problem.Had some intermittent twitching in the afternoon, but sexual characteristic was restored in the night.48 This morning I took my first dose of piracetam and CDP choline 1.2g and 300mg.I have taken piracetam on one outdated event, with a fairly good reaction.I have no history of mental disorder and I don’t take any drugs or medication.Shortly after mixing the two ingredients in a pitcher of water and drinking them, I skilled a sense of pure terror.This episode lasted for almost 2 hours during which I could barely talk or think.I had gone for a walk after taking the piracetam and it took most of my willpower to stay composed.I do not exagerate when I say that this has been some of the worst experiences of my life.It’s now been an hour since the feeling subsided and I’m left feeling tired with mild brain fog that is subsiding steadily.49 I am seeking to proceed using Piracetam but i find it usually gives me brain fog, even minute amounts of Piracetam with mega doses of Alpha GPC and/or Lecithin.I agree with it is the indisputable fact that i stacked it with so many things that i not get the pure consequences i’m uncertain if here is mental or organic i got at first nor any of the results everybody else is preachingPrevious Stacks alongside Piracetam:DMAE after that it all went downhill most desirable me to theorize that DMAE has anticholinergic properties like believed or does when taken on and off too many timesACh precursors went from regular Choline bitarate to A GPC to LecitihinAniracetam made things much worseHydergine Alongside herbal regiments from stimulants to clarity enhancersI concept i had to attack dose again and when i did so i got such a large headache the likes which i have never felt before in my life lolI now find it intensifying OCD type behavors, leading to Brain fog irrespective of how much ACh i take with it.It works perfectly during its half life point though over production of Alpha waves measured by neurofeedback EEG.I have tried getting off of it for a period of a week and lower back to it today with a dosage below 200 mg to see if anything took place, subsequant brain fog though combined with rhodiola rosea, my theory that it reduces serotonin levels might be misguided as it seems to accentuate serotonin which for all i know would lower serotonin levels as a balance mechanism.52 I was hoping I could get some help classifying some indicators, and probably fixing them.I’ve been having trouble communicating lately, regardless of whether its on the phone, or in public.I don’t know if its anxiousness or brain fog, but I’ll have difficulty actually saying the words, while understanding what I may are looking to say.I don’t stutter per say, but I just have trouble communicating properly.This is new, and I’m in my late 20s.It’s been going down now for a month or two.What I’m taking:Piracetam 1.6GPicamilon 150mgALCAR 300mgFish Oil 900mgIs it feasible anything else in my small stack is causing this?Any concepts on a determination?I don’t perceive how or why this is going down, particularly when I never had these issues before.Me: Yes, it’s the piracetam in your stack.None of the other supps cause these issues.53 So I determined to start on my quest for mental glory.I kept reading how Piracetam is so safe that people should likely change the word “safe” itself to “piracetam”.Lol think about this:” – Hey man do you believe that belt is piracetam ?”Anyway…I’ve been taking it for 3 days now.Day One: 1200 mg and three whole eggsDay Two 1200 mg and 3 whole eggsDay Three 2x2400mg and 2x 250/250mg Choline/InositolAt the end of Day Three I almost got a panic attack.I’m not sure why – mostly due to abdomen uneasiness and strange mouth feeling.The roof palate was numb and considerably rugged.I managed to calm myself down, no panic attack.And got to sleep.Pupils were constricted I think.Now most people will inform you how piracetam makes your sleep a wonder.You get up all refreshed and every thing, inclined to beat new heights etc.etc.Well guess what.I slept for over 12 hours and when I got up I felt even more tired than the night before, the palate still tingling, and considerably nauseated.Mildly depressed and rather irritable.I hated it.Actually as I’m penning this I still feel nauseated a bit bit.What do you think is that each one about ?This is just the start of my nootropic quest, I was looking forward to much much more durable stacks and now I crumbled at the very basic one.Don’t know what to do.54 Since being clinically determined with ADHD I have these days started taking Concerta, 54 mg a day.I haven’t felt any cognitive improvement in these two weeks that I’ve been on the drug, rather the contrary.I’m studying physics and I no longer understand stuff that was simple for me.Is this a typical reaction to Concerta?is it dose dependant?I’m also taking piracetam, choline bitatrate, ala, alcar, tyrosine but I can’t imagine this effect to be brought on by any of those components since I have been using them for a very long time with out any adversarial consequences.I have an exam tomorrow and I’m starting to panic.It’s the piracetam, buddy56 I just got 100 caplets of Nootropil 1200mg from overseas.This morning I took my first dose of 2 caplets 2400mg, and felt sleepy.Is it normal for the first dose ?I’ve been taking a very sedating antidepressant Avanza 90mg, Klonopin 2mg, for the past 4 yrs at nite…….and I got tolerance to their consequences……every so often they even don’t sedate me anymore.Strangely, as I know, Nootropil is more of a stimulant type, unlike Avanza or Klonopin.But why does it give me a sleepy feeling……is it called as the term ” Brain fog” ?Maybe I should take a form of Choline with it.usually I buy Lecithin granules.Is there anyone experiencing this effect for the first time without Choline ?Is it called ” Brain fog” ?60 I’ve started taking piracetam drugs, 800mg once a day with 2 x 300mg alpha gpc yet i all day i get a slight headache, last night i even had to take 500mg paracetamol to sleep.I’ve heard that 800mg is just not enough piracetam to take but if i’m getting bad headaches now i fear what will happen, the pain i can have in my head if i take more a day.As i said i took one 300mg alpha gpc 30 mins after the morning piracetam dose and one before going to sleep.I always have two eggs for breakfast and drink a glass of milk in the course of the day.Yesterday was the 1st time i started this schedule but i have tried before and had a bit if brain fog.The day was commonly good, i felt assured and intensely alert, everything was very colourful too.I “crashed” at around 2pm and had brain fog, i took an alternative coffee the 1st one being my morning coffee and BAM back in business.Thanks for all the help.I’ve had no headaches since, nevertheless it today has been awful in it’s own way.I’ve only taken 800mg piracetam and no choline supplementation.Eggs for breakfast and 2 coffees with milk.I’ve felt a lot of brain fog, irritability and been sweating a lot from the palms of my hands.Really feel as if I cannot go through with this even till the end of the week.Might try cutting back my piracetam intake tomorrow based how I feel when I awaken.No depression but slight anxiety.Fluidity of speech remains to be good and i’m in a position to read for lengths of time but i’m getting distracted by ideas of how it isn’t working too often.I felt last night very impassive for a few hours too.61 The major downside is that after about 2 – 3 days taking 1440mg 3x/day, my memory retrieval goes way right down to the point that i forget simple things feels like dementia, its like my brain processing speed just takes a nose dive.I also become very aloof like I am not even there with this like blank stare on my face, just really really spaced out I guess.The thing is that even dmae though it complements my attention will space me out as well, just not as bad as piracetam.I do not notice any physical indicators, but I will get an attractive bad headache if I take it with ashwagandha.I’ve tried taking it with choline citrate and likewise tried taking it with bulknutrition’s alpha gpc 50% mix.I have tried taking the piracetam and choline along with out taking other dietary supplements to attempt to pin point the challenge, but to no avail.I’m tremendously lost on this.62 After penning this post I emailed Vince, a writer I respect and who claims on his blog to take piracetam.Vince: “I read your appealing blog entry.Actually, after supplementing with piracetam for a few years, I stopped taking it about six months ago when my supply ran out.Subjectively, per what you’re reporting,either there has been no effect or my mind has probably been clearer and productivity superior since I stopped taking it.When I began taking piracetam over a dozen years ago I was fairly naïve and accepted the studies supporting its use at face value.from my latest attitude, equivalent to browsing at the study you discussed in your blog entry, I quite agree that the research case supporting using piracetam may be very weak.I have not begun to update my treatise removing piracetam from my advised regimen.64 After this I looked to obtain a similar effect from CDP choline.Although I did get exactly an analogous results more energy, better hair, face color, libido, no eye bags as soon as I began experiencing the exact same background nervousness as on Alpha GPC so I was forced to discontinue this aswell as it considerably impaired my social capabilities.From there on I set off to search for another nootropic and this is when I came across noopept.Love at first sight.Noopept made me a happier, smarter more sociable and charismatic person.I persisted dosing it by itself 15mg on mornings for around a month.While on noopept I had the incentive and zest for all times that I had been attempting to find to carry out all the long term projects I had deliberate for myself.It’s important to point out that while on noopept there have been some days where I still tried phenibut and on a two seperate ocassions Inderall.Towards the end of my love affair with noopept I began experiencing a host of a couple of symptoms.The first symptom came up one afternoon with my female friend, where I experienced erectile dysfunction and in a better weeks I started to experience a host of different very alarming signs, including:–Lack of stream to my hands and feet Itchy back Digestion issues to the point of constipation Easy bloating Lack of motivation Impaired capability to think and speak brain fog Pale face, bad hair, bags under eyes – commonly searching much older Complete loss of libido, loss of feeling, and ability to obtain and hold an erection.Susceptible to flu?s and infections and difficulty curative–Loss of muscle–Inability to do sportsThis alarmed me to cease all nootropic and complement use.given a few of the symptoms originally I was convinced it was a kidney challenge.But after a scientific check up this theory was disregarded.I gave myself a month to see if everything would return to normalcy on it’s own – but alas that didn’t happen.Some of the findings I gathered during that month: If I would try taking noopept or piracetam tried once I would still feel great outcomes from it.But my body would shut down its capability to obtain an erection.I would lose all feeling and sensitivity down there.As if my body lost it’s ability to sit back in that sense.I would also feel discomfort on my lower back where my adrenals/kidneys are located.Any type of sports would make me too fatigued and browsing tired and tired as a substitute of energized.sensitive to all chemical substances or supplements even coffee makes me shaky and concerned NE effect?Adaptogen herbs stimulate me way too much they provide me crazy libido but right after it goes back to normal and I?m left with a?hangover effect?The consequences were as following:Visualizing music a lot easier.Feeling the music deeperClearer thoughtsAwake, more energyMood boostconfidence boost – reduction in anxiety hitting more “naturally” on girls, for instanceemphatic expertise – feeling other peoples feelings a lot deeperNature/the sun seems more pleasing – visual enhancementsGreatly improved attention!Easier to recall past memoriesGreatly improved verbal knowledge.Communication seems a LOT more fluid, and not using a “pauses”, due to not recalling the words i wanted to throw into conversations.There is expanding fear that the majority latest posted research findings are false.The chance that a research claim is right may depend on study power and bias, the number of different studies on the same query, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the many relationships probed in each scientific field.In this framework, a analysis finding is less prone to be true when the studies performed in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller; when there is a greater number and lesser preselection of tested relationships; where there is larger flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes; when there is larger financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a systematic field in chase of statistical importance.Simulations show that for many study designs and settings, it is more likely for a analysis claim to be false than true.ref.This article is hysterical bunch of paranoid retards , every thing we take and do alters our brains permanently — Piracetam’s “LD50″ the lethal dose which kills 50% of test animals, Piracetam failed to achieve an LD50 when given to rats intravenously at 8gm/kg body weight.Similarly, oral LD50 studies in mice, rats, and dogs given 10gm Piracetam/kg bodyweight also produced no LD50!This would he mathematically corresponding to giving a 70 kg 154 pound person 700gm 1.54 pounds of Piracetam!As Tacconi and Wurtman note, ”Piracetam apparently is pretty much non toxic.Rats treated chronically with 100 to 1,000 mg/kg orally for 6 months and dogs handled with as much as 10g/kg orally for 1 year did not show any toxic effect.No teratogenic birth deformity effects were found, nor was behavioral tolerance noted.” Thus, Piracetam must be regarded one of the most toxicologically safest drugs ever built.I’ve never understood why people think that as a result of which you could take huge quantities of a drug and never DIE, then it’s risk free.It takes impossibly huge amounts of Valium and gabapentin to kill you, but that doesn’t mean taking a handfuls every day will haven’t any consequences.OTOH, one of the most most unhealthy drugs is Tylenol, which was originally licensed as a safe choice to aspirin.It wasn’t until decades and a whole bunch of tens of millions of users later that they found how nasty it can be.Properly dosed, you’d be at an advantage taking heroin 4x day for 30 years than Tylenol.Has anyone tried FlmodafinilFlodafinil.CRL 40,940?It’s way stronger than modafinil as a eugeroicwakefulness enhancer while being more noticeable and anxiolytic, while modafinil is very anxiety inducing and feels dirtier.Also, 2 methyl 2 butanol is a safer alternative to ethanolbooze, beer, wine, ect.because 2 methyl 2 butanol has non toxic metabolites while ethanol produces acetaldehydea toxic metabolite which causes liver damage, brain damage, and headaches before being metabolized into safe acetic acid.Acetaldehyde is responsible for hangovers brought on by excess booze.2 methyl 2 butanol is the awesome alternative to alcoholethanol.Another cool thing is that sooner or later in the future, the safer Bretazenil and Propranolol might replace the considerably dogdy benzodiazepines.Indanylaminopropane might exchange latest antidepressants as a result of Indanylaminopropane mildly prompts 5HT1a and 5HT2a receptors while activating to a mild extent, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.It’s the synergy of the receptors and the neurochemicals that reduce anxiousness, caused mental calmness and peace, and makes it characteristic better with out depleting serotonin.SSRI’s merely burn up serotonin and are usually only beneficial for the first few months.SSRI’s augment risk of suicide.Things like Indanylaminopropane, bupropion, occasional psilocybin and MDMA, and Propranolol in reality decreases risks of suicide and cut back excess anxietysometimes even for weeks or months after the last use.2C D at low doses enhances memory and problem fixing skills.Low doses of psilocybin induces neurogenesis of the hippocampusthe first area of the brain that Alzheimer’s typically affects.Why aren’t beta receptors, 5HT2a receptors, and other receptors being studied more?Answer?They don’t allow scientists to access these compounds to review.We’re at the forefront of the golden age of cognitive freedom, greater creativity, exponential studying, and nearly unlimited cures to cognitive diseases and other illnesses and also nearly unlimited cognition upgrades in addition as cool future stuff.Yet those in power fear the highbrow revolution as a result of in the event that they can’t keep people midway at midnight ages, then they can’t stop people from forging a far better, more cooperative system that would make latest systems obsolete.You could try NSI 189, Centrophenoxine, and Indanylaminopropane.You can also try Omega 3’s, 5 HTP, L Tyrosine, Potassium, Magnesium, Carnitine, Resveratrol, CoQ 10, and choline.Also, vegetables and actual job.Occasional Flmodafinil can also help.Flmodafinil and Prolintane are better than caffeine in the morning as a result of more than 300mg caffeine in a day will cause complications in a while.Also, using 2 methyl 2 butanol as an alternative of ethanolbooze, beer, wine, ect may be good.Ethanol is metabolized into acetaldehydea toxic metabolite which causes brain and liver damage and complications/hangovers in high amounts.Then acetaldehyde metabolizes into safe acetic acid.2 methyl 2 butanol’s metabolites are non toxic.Use responsibly.I took only 800 mg a day for 5 months.While I had noticeable cognitive enhancement, I also felt a character change, and I started to act very cruelly to my female friend.I had no endurance for anyone, and was acting like a dick all of the time.I also became painfully self aware and self aware of this, and constructed social nervousness.It degenerated into full blown anxiousness/panic disorder complete with severe heart palpitations and tachycardia.A doctor prescribed me an SSRI which aggravated the panic disorder.Thankfully during this time I had an awakening and quit smoking cigarettes.But I am convinced that the piracetam messed me up and in a way caused an anxiety disorder for me.It’s not definitely worth the cognitive boost for me.I’ll stick with coffee and train.It sounds like you overdid it.Nootropics are for infrequent use only.Failure to cycle nootropics will result in side results.You can try resveratrol and emoxypene which are antioxidants.Antioxidants are the side of nootropics most nootropic user fail to use.Pomegranates are also fabulous.Modern wheat which includes a mutated form of gluten could also be harmful.Switching from dwarf wheat to einkorn wheat may help.Prolintane is a great nootropic for occasional use once you have a very busy day.Hydrafinil is an effective wakefulness enhancer.Phenylpiracetam hydrazide is the cleanest feeling racetam, though it’s best to cycle nootropics.Eating greens and beans, seeds, nuts, and protein is good too.Excercise, running, jogging, lifting weights, also are important.Occasional creatine can help.Prolintane stacked with Phenylpiracetam and Hydrafinilfluorenol feels just like the last stackkeep use to once a week or less.In the past, I found low doses of 2C D to do wonders for cognition and the optimistic results from the 2C D seem permanent.Methylene blue can solve the glutenomorphines and beta amyloid plaque and toxins and stuff.NSI 189 can induce neurogenesis.Propranolol is reported to reduce anxiety.Sometimes excessive nervousness is the thing getting into the manner of cognition.Maybe ionic feet detox can assist in casting off toxins.It could also be colon toxins, so cleansing it might help.Geranamine can be used as a pre workout to enhance muscle energy and help get the most effective out of excercise and out of every exercise session.Good old 2 methyl 2 butanol is a superb alternative to alcohol.Maybe all that piracetam put stress for your liver.Sometimes all that’s needed to make sense out of the chaotic nootropic thoughts for some is a low dose psychedelic.I don’t know why, but it goes great after nootropics.Nootropics, low dose psychedeliclittle to no hallucinogenic at the low dose, but chaotic ideas fall into place, and then a good month break from it all.Balance is key to future potentiation.While mild to severe activation in 5HT2a receptors cause hallucinations, mild activation causes an enhancement of studying that seems to become everlasting.Low dose psychedelics is not checked out by society due to people’s indoctrination by government.The very same government that supports cocksthe bias cops, not the normal ones attacking and arresting people of color who’re in the autism spectrum.The system is vastly sick and has become the contagion of society.Yet society drones on, ignoring the complications, supporting an agenda to abort people with mild developmental disorders and polling the earth.There is hope though.A flying robot girl in the sky is going to help and guide the good people and caring people to help develop a desert land which is no man’s land into the promise land.The old system doesn’t work and we must grow Bir Tawil and create rivers, freedom, and a just and fair society.A society that kills bigotry at it’s root, and that’s anti GMO and that promotes the advancement of technology, peace, unity, happiness, and cares for one an alternative.The flying robot girl in the sky pushed the asteroid 2002 NT7 out of our way.The most important thing to be aware is that you’re NOT your genetics.You go beyond your genetics and must trust it to be true.Genetics are not anything greater than a trap pushed by the media to fasten up our potential and make us all hate each other.You figured out a lot of things.The greatness is already within you.The adventure is long, however the event is one we typically learn from.There’s no one size fits all stuff.We are as unique as snowflakes.Have been using all of the racetams for over 25 years.I’m 64 , a marathoner and keep stacking nootropics and additional supplementation.Context is everything.How do you eat , excersice , do you drink highly caffeinated beverages and on and on.How’s your sleep hygiene and so forth.I found out Nootropil in Germany over 30 years ago both oral and injectible and I’m only thronging and getting more potent.Anaracetam has been a first rate upgrade for me.It’s impact on my serenity , clarity and focus has been sublime.Sorry to spoil your party.Seems you never understood how much how often – when and so forth.If you believe that anything else has no side results , particularly nootropics your a fool.Do your due diligence very thoughrouly before you scare people during this manner.hello……I have had serotonin syndrome.Too much ssri… The pressure/tightness in my head was BAD…What I am reading here sounds like neurotransmitters are constructing up very high… If one has a slight imbalance, then high doses or the inaccurate racetem will react on the neurotransmitters…… No one has a flawlessly ‘balanced’ brain…After all we are people.If something is wrong STOP IT.wait a few days and try a alternative one at VERY SMALL dose… At the instant I can take neither ani/pramracetam.It boosts the sedatives I need for sleep.I just spend the day on the lounge, flaked out… I am praying I can find the proper one to substitute the ssri I were on for 30 yrs, as they’ve done my head in….I am on supps to try to rebuild what has been depleted… Pray I get off antideps…Regards IngridActually a piracetam is THE ONLY remedy that helps me with Brain Fog.Even WITHOUT cholines.Just as a result of here in Russia there are no such dietary supplements.BUT piracetam is a DRUG here, not a complement as in USA.Requirements to drug production are much stronger then to dietary supplements.I haven’t tried “american” piracetam, but I have tried Ginko Bilobas.Trust me, russian DRUG Ginko Biloba REALLY WORKS unlike american and russian SUPPLIMENTS.Both 24/6 lactones.Yes, the first week of piracetam is even worse.But then… For months… It’s a miracle!3,2g a day.I accept as true with, there’s a growing trend of poor caliber piracetam penetrating the market.Even companies that cite independent QC pay an analogous low bid on alibaba/Chinese ogranochemical contracts.This market model has the worst QC with little oversight.And I suspect, after 10+ years of private useand many orders from alternative agencies, that the favorite syntheses procedure and/or major business enterprise has modified.Because the product from a variety of different agencies has began looking finer in grain, from time to time has a completely unique organic and natural solvent smell and has an atypical “wetness” when tested under magnification.You may want to get tested for HIV.There is a thing called Aids dementia.The HIV virus will eat into your brain and bring symptoms identical to those you’ve got described.I am not looking to diagnose you.I will leave that to the doctors.It may or may not be HIV, there are a couple of esoteric circumstances that may bring forth sudden unexplained dementia.If seventy people just took place to begin piracetam at the time of the onset of one of those circumstances I am only stunned that there aren’t more.Out of all of the tens of millions of people taking piracetam for the 1st time the odds alone will shoot a few of them down with esoteric dementia at around an analogous time.Also your body could have an allergic reaction to racetams.Or it could be a contraindication.What other drugs or herbs did you take once you started piracetam?I wanted to take a second and thanks for this post: it sort of feels all I’d formerly read was the hype.I began with a relatively small dose of piracetam at 750mg/day over 5 days, apart from someday at 1.5mg.The day following the double dosage, I awoke to a few very obtrusive irritability, bordering on hysteria every now and then.Rather than cease my regimen instantly, I decided to lower my dosage back to the 750mg and awoke here day to a few severe brain fog, which brought on me to do analysis on piracetam as a explanation for drowsiness and to return upon your post.I don’t understand how for much longer I would have endured to take piracetam – inspite of the brain fog, most likely, like many, with the irrational hope that it might pass – but your post saved me from finding that out.I stopped, which then led to two days of a few serious anxiousness with some potent anxiousness symptoms, though I will admit the anxiety may were due to the things I’d read when following up on some of the anecdotal excerpts you mentioned above, engendering fears of having permanently fried my brain.However, no matter what the explanation for the anxiousness, I have no doubts piracetam was, at a minimum, a contributor.Unless I was remembering how to fight while protecting myself from hooligans in an empty subway terminal from a film I’d seen twenty years earlier as a kid, the advantages of piracetam – nevertheless it “subtle” they might be – were not worth the costs when it comes to how I was feeling.The stuff’s bogus needless to say, needless to say… as a minimum for me.great blog.working with computers my cognitive performance is vital, and i ordered Noopept; on most sites it is promoted, but there aren’t enough warnings about side effects.originally the stuff made me restless, hampered sleep, and decreased attention; though i began reading more stuff on the internet, theoverall results clearly were terrible on reflection.But now decreased intake to 10microgam one day i and been some days on 20/day., and next day nothing.NB i do active work, reading prototype programming when i took the dosage in a more restless state, next day i do comments, making plans, the crucial stuff.Overall this seems to work, i already have a high Iq, already use paroxetin and what’s written in some postings seems relevant, initially it harmed me greater than i anticipated but now it still seems barely useful.quitting is an option but i just like the productiveness boost so i’ll try it for a year or so.PS didn’t know NAC might try it in addition.thx for the tip.PS2 Kombucha also seems to have some dangersombucha Dangerlet me add that i’m above 50 yrs, so i theory a cognitive boost might help with the pc work; and i used alcohol occasionally, so the Noopept might repair some feasible slight damage, if any;oh and the Noopt in combination with the booze is a nono, btwyou don’t get very drunk so there is a risk of intoxicationand the next day you ll regret for sure.A young programmer with a hi Iq and a healthy lifestyleprobably wouldn’t need any racetams; same for college students,which you could use it to read a lot, but quit before the examsotherwise you might get bad results; as you needconcentration and evaluate for written work