What to Expect

What Does Noopept Feel Like?

The effects of Noopept are felt almost immediately and last up to 7 hours.
Within about 30 minutes of taking the nootropic you’ll start to feel some mild stimulation. You’ll start feeling hypervigilant, focused, and may find it easy to enter a productive flow state.
Noopept is subtle — meaning you’re not going to feel high. This nootropic merely heightens your level of awareness and makes it easier to enter productive flow states.
The effects of Noopept will increase gradually over the course of about 2 hours, and peak around the 2-hour mark.
The peak effects are often described as producing a feeling of intense focus, creativity, and alertness.
The peak effects will last 2–3 hours before tapering off gradually.
Though the short-term effects of Noopept are useful, most people report even greater benefit with repeated doses. Over the course of several weeks of use, the effects of Noopept become longer-lasting — improving memory, mental acuity, and focus.