Where to Buy

The regulations of Noopept can vary around the world. In Russia, where Noopept was first discovered, it’s listed as a prescription-only medication.
In the United States and most of the rest of the world, Noopept is classified as a nutritional supplement — allowing you to buy it just about anywhere.
Check out our list of suppliers for more information on where to buy Noopept.

The United States

1. The Nootropics Depot

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The Nootropics Depot is the leading supplier of nootropic compounds in the United States.
The online shop offers several dozen unique nootropic compounds, including the company’s own house brand of Noopept.

2. Absorb Health

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Absorb Health specializes in natural health products, but also carries popular nootropics like Noopept.
This company offers some of the best prices on the market for raw nootropic powders.

3. New Mind

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New Mind is a subsidiary of Synaptent LLC — one of the leading suppliers of research chemicals in the world.
This company is a popular choice for dozens of individual nootropics — both well-known and niche compounds — including Noopept.

4. Pure Nootropics

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Pure Nootropics is one of the oldest nootropic suppliers in the industry. The company was founded in 2013 when the concept of nootropics first started to take off.
This company is focused on providing the highest-quality nootropics possible by providing extensive testing on its product lineup.

4. Nootropics.com

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Nootropics.com is run by Tee Barnett. This company is dedicated to creating a healthy culture around the use of nootropics.
The company offers dozens of high-grade nootropic substances, including Noopept.